Stellantis recrute Embedded System Engineer

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Stellantis recrute Embedded System Engineer sur Casablanca.

Stellantis est un groupe automobile multinational fondé le 16 janvier 2021 résultant de la fusion du groupe PSA Peugeot Citroen et de Fiat Chrysler Automobiles. Le groupe Stellantis exploite et commercialise quinze marques automobiles dont cinq issues du Groupe PSA et dix issues de FCA

Stellantis recrute Embedded System Engineer sur Casablanca.

Within a framework of a project, the Embedded System Engineer,is in charge of the overall technical topics of the Sub System following orientations defined by the ECU Leader. (Sub System on Conventional Engine, BMS,…)

The Sub System is based:

· on a material part including an electronic control unit with its hardware, sensors, actuators and harnesses

· a software part with the applicative software

· and hardware Software interfaces such as data processing and network interfaces

By this way, the Embedded System Engineer:

· Implements the technical policy of the Sub System (MAKE or BUY).

· Elaborates technical solutions according to needs defined in the Sub System requirement inputs specification,

· Is responsible of the technical consistency of interfaces (Network, sensors, actuators) with the functions

· Manages the technical maturity of Sub System data-processing (Fr: Chaîne de traitement) regarding sensors actuators ECU interfaces and the convergence via a Synthesis SEB

· Is responsible of the consistency for functional interfaces between Lx

· Is responsible of the consistency for functional interfaces inside Lx (Fr: Strate)

· Embedded System Engineer is in charge of the allocation of requirements towards Sensors, actuators and ECU item of the SUB SYSTEM level

· Promotes technical re-use of existing solutions by using generic solutions to minimize diversity

· Builds technical requirement at Sub System level and is responsible to allocate set of requirements under product lifecycle management tool. The set of requirements for parts are delegated to the « chargés de projets ».

· Check the maturity of the technical reviews (RT) of the Sub System in charge.

· Contributes during the consultation phase, with other MCPE groups, to formalize specifications of consultation, technical choice reports (RCT) of Sub System components.

· Makes sure for an hybrid/BEV project of the compatibility of hybrid/BEV components with underlying Sub System components.

The Embedded System Engineer role covers the whole technical perimeter of the SUB SYSTEM and is nominated six month before the pre project .

In order to succeed in the mission entrusted to him, the Embedded System Engineer:

· Coordinates, within electrical, electronic department (DSEE), the realization of SUB SYSTEM deliverables.

· In pre project phase (before JAP milestone), formalizes first functional definition version of the Control Unit (DF-ECU, (Fr: DF EE) and then delegate this activity to the Component Designer ECU (ECU Designer).

· Designs the adapted architecture for SUB SYSTEM by taking into account upstream requirements from :

o Technical specification SUB SYSTEM requirements inputs.

o Recommendations of innovation engaged in pre project SUB SYSTEM by innovation pilots.

o Electric and electronic (EE) architecture, vehicles functions from EE architecture department and upper Sub Systems

o Terminal plant and aftersale requirements.

· Animates the design group named GC SUB SYSTEM by SUB SYSTEM leader delegation and then releases a regular report.

· Makes the synthesis of diagnosis needs of the SUB SYSTEM .

· Contributes to convergence meeting gathering differents technical functions architects and EE architects.

In order to succeed, the Embedded System Engineer, backed by electric, electronic core competencies department, realizes the following activities :

· Realizes the detailed design of SUB SYSTEM and the specifications toward its sub components :

o Detailed overview diagram of the SUB SYSTEM .

o Static architecture of SUB SYSTEM .

o Hosting plateform Specification at SUB SYSTEM level (ECU leader does it for ECU level)

o Assessment of electric consumption

o Diversity management and configuration management.

o Management of the phases of life.

· In connection with validation teams (MCPE department team, Vehicle team or powertrain tuning team) :

o Leads the complex ALTIS (failure) analysis related to SUB SYSTEM and proposes action plan.

o Ensures the testability and cover rate of the specifications under his responsibility.

Main deliverables of SUB SYSTEM Architect :

1. SUB SYSTEM requirements inputs before milestone JAP, then update by SUB SYSTEM delegation from JAP to AMC milestone.

2. First version of functional definition of the ECU (DF-ECU) before milestone JAP then activity delegate to ECU leader from JAP milestone to AMC.

3. Specification of sub components of SUB SYSTEM .

4. SUB SYSTEM architecture.

5. SUB SYSTEM design specification.

6. Regular report of the design group (GC SUB SYSTEM ).

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